Which gutters are best for my home in King County, WA

Which Gutters are Best for My Home?

Whether you’re building a new house or renovating an existing exterior, you should know that gutters are crucial. Without them, your siding and foundation could be at risk. Your basement could even flood during heavy rain if leaky or missing gutters don’t guide runoff away from the structure. If you’re unsure what type of gutters to install, use the information here to help you choose the best gutter material, style, and installation method.

Gutter Materials

  • Aluminum is the most commonly installed rain gutter material, and with good reason. Aluminum is affordable, lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and available in numerous colors.
  • Steel gutters are coated with aluminum and zinc, making them completely rust-proof. The downside is they cost three to four times more than aluminum gutters.
  • Copper gutters are an upscale, European-inspired choice that naturally develops a weathered patina over time. However, copper is the most expensive option and doesn’t match the modern home aesthetic.
  • Vinyl is inexpensive and available in a wide range of colors, but that’s where the benefits end. It has lost favor in recent years because it wears out sooner and requires more frequent replacement than other gutter materials.

Gutter Styles

  • K-style gutters look like crown molding when viewed from the ground, making them a popular decorative choice. The standard size for most homes is 5K, while 6K gutters handle larger volumes for dwellings with high-pitched roofs, metal roofs, or lots of surrounding trees. This enlarged size is also ideal for multifamily properties and light commercial buildings.
  • Fascia gutters are installed directly onto the framing so the smooth gutter face hides the edge of the rafter tails from view. This prevents water from overflowing the gutters and damaging the siding.
  • U-style or half-round gutters have an open construction with smooth, rounded sides. This style is less popular than the above two options because it clogs more easily and then overflows, defeating the purpose of having gutters at all.

Sectional or Seamless Gutters

  • Sectional gutters are the traditional, though outdated, option. The installation comprises uniform lengths of guttering that must be cut and joined together to fit the roof’s measurements. Every seam is a weak point that can deteriorate and leak over time.
  • Seamless gutters are the preferred industry standard, involving custom onsite extrusion to fit your home’s exact dimensions. This eliminates weak connections to reduce the risk of leaks and prolong the life of your investment.

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