Can gutters be painted near Seattle, WA

Can Gutters be Painted?

Are your gutters looking a little worse for wear? If the rusty, old fixtures detract from your curb appeal these days, you may wonder—should you replace your gutters, or can you give them new life with a few coats of paint?

Yes, it’s possible to paint rain gutters, but this shouldn’t necessarily be your first option. If your gutters are getting old, it could be better to replace them with high-quality seamless aluminum gutters in your preferred color.

However, if you have your heart set on painting the gutters, follow these eight steps to help the job go smoothly.

  1. Choose the best paint for gutters: Satin or semi-gloss acrylic paint is best for aluminum gutters. Look for a product formulated to withstand humidity and rain for long-lasting results. Then, apply the paint using an airless sprayer with a 4-inch spray tip. This produces the perfect spread for most gutters and downspouts while controlling overspray.
  2. Remove the downspouts: You can clean and paint the downspouts while they’re fastened to your house, but it’s much easier to take them down first.
  3. Treat rust: If the surface is horribly weathered, stained, and rusted, treat problem areas with a wire brush. If the gutters are rusting through and have little structural integrity left, you’re better off replacing them.
  4. Clean the gutters: Remove debris from the gutters while wearing gloves. Then, spray the underside with a power washer or garden hose with a high-pressure nozzle. Allow the surface to dry completely.
  5. Prime (if necessary): You can skip this step if you have factory-painted aluminum gutters with no exposed metal. However, if you have bare metal gutters, prime them with an exterior acrylic primer. If the gutters have been painted before, first remove any loose paint through power washing and scraping. Then, apply a bonding primer.
  6. Set up the painting areas: Spread canvas drop cloths on the grass and lay your downspouts across empty buckets to elevate them. Then, carefully mask the siding, fascia board, windows, and roof to protect these surfaces while painting your gutters.
  7. Paint the downspouts: Spray the first coat of paint and allow it to dry completely before applying the second coat. Then, flip the downspout over and paint the other side in the same way.
  8. Paint the gutters: Spray from one side of the gutters to the other, maintaining a wet edge at all times. Allow the first coat to dry completely before applying the second coat. Once the job is done, tear down the masking paper and reattach the downspouts.

If you change your mind about painting your gutters after seeing what the process entails, consider gutter replacement instead. At High Point Gutter, we install high-quality seamless aluminum gutters in over 40 colors to correspond with your home’s design. For your peace of mind, every job comes with a 10-year install warranty and 20-year manufacturer warranty. To request a gutter installation quote in Snohomish or King County, please call us at (425) 449-6622 or contact us online today.