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Gutter Service in Snohomish

Full Gutter Installation and Repair Service

High Point Gutter provides a full range of gutter services for homeowners in Snohomish and King Counties. Our focus is always to provide our customers with an exceptional job in all aspects of gutter repair, replacement, or installation on your home.
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We are an established gutter company, focusing on quality work in all aspects of the gutter services we provide. In addition, High Point Gutter also provides roof cleaning, moss removal, and moss treatment which can help to extend the life of your roof. This service will be saving you money by extending your roof’s lifespan.
Installation of gutters can be done on your home by custom fabricating gutters sized to fit. Every home is special and different and we’re wanting to make sure you have the best rain gutter system in your neighborhood, ensuring years of enhanced performance. We will carefully match the color of your new aluminum seamless gutters to your home, providing just the look you want. This can include any of our 5K, 6K, fascia or half round gutter styles. Your new gutter installation is done using the latest technology. This includes using hidden hangers, galvanized fasteners, seamless gutters, and gutter guards for a superior product.
We also provide full gutter repair services by fixing leaks, re-sloping misaligned gutters that can prevent drainage and re-attaching loose sections. When a more extensive solution is required, we can also replace select sections of your gutters to tie-in to your old system, so you won’t need to replace all of your gutters if it is not required. 


For questions about your gutter repair, replacement or installation needs,
give us a call today at (425) 449-6622.


​If your gutters cannot be repaired, we will remove and replace them with either 5k or 6k aluminum gutters in a color that best suites your home.


​Your gutters are carefully constructed to funnel rainfall. However, when unaligned water can pool and eat away at your gutters. We inspect your gutters closely for alignment and future issues.


The leaves, needles, and branches that accumulate on any roof builds up over time. With an effective roof blow off we will clear all loose debris and we always clean up the grounds of your home afterwards.

Seasonal Cleanings

We offer all our gutter and roof services on a reoccuring basis. No need to call in a Fall panic, rest assured knowing, we’re already on our way. Contact us today to set up your semiannual services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it important to clean my gutters yearly?

Yes, you should be on your roof at least once per year to check for any clogs or water damage. Gutters will help to protect your home’s foundation and make sure you’re protecting your home’s value.

My gutters were working, now they’re holding water. What happened?

Homes will settle over time. If your installation was done correctly twenty years ago, and now they’re leaking and holding water, it could be because of the foundation settling and causing your gutters to not perform properly.

Why is moss bad for my roof?

Moss is a living organism that will stain and wear your roof. If moss remains on your roof the roof life is considerably shortened and may lead to leaks and further damage. Moss can be easily treated and prevent future moss growth. If you have existing moss growth you may require a cleaning before treatment. Call our office to schedule a free evaluation of your roof’s condition.

Are High Point Gutter’s estimates free?

Yes, we offer dates and time windows of arrival to service any appointment of installation, repair, or cleaning. You can go to our “Contact Us” tab to request a free estimate or call our office at 425-449-6622. We look forward to earning your business!

Is there a way I can schedule recurring maintenance?

In the Northwest you’re going to have a lot of home maintenance. We live in a damp environment that rains an average of 38 inches pear year. That’s a lot of water! We want to keep that water away from your foundation and crawl space. We have easily maintained recurring maintenance programs that can consist of roof blow offs, gutter cleaning and moss control to protect your roof and gutters. Proper maintenance can pay off and save you money.

Are gutters important?

Besides the roof over your head, the gutters are the second most important thing on your home. The gutters will transport the water away from your home’s foundation and prevent settling and cracks. The gutters will also protect your siding, windows, basements and crawl space from any water damage.

When is it time to replace my gutters?

If your gutters are rusting out, leaking, or corroding they should have an estimator stop by to properly assess the problem areas and find if the gutters are able to be repaired or if you’ll need a partial replacement or a full replacement.

Does High Point Gutter do underground drainage?

We do not currently offer this service. You can send us an email if you are inquiring about which companies we recommend for this service.

Are you licensed, bonded and insured?

All companies operating legally inside of Washington State must have all three of these things. We are current with all legal obligations to perform work inside the state.