Seasonal Maintenance

Seasonal Maintenance Plan

Book our Maintenance Plan online to keep your gutters looking good.

Book our Maintenance Plan online to keep your gutters looking good.

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Take Care Of Your Gutters

Our professionals take pride in customer satisfaction through quality work and customer relationships. Our Seasonal Maintenance Plan is designed to ease the stress of home maintenance and help create solutions to care for your home.

Join Our Seasonal Maintenance Plan

Join our loyalty maintenance plan to reserve your seasonal gutter and roof cleaning services. We recommend a cleaning twice a year to ensure your system upkept and prevents any potential damage. 

 In joining, you will receive our loyalty discount on every seasonal maintenance visit, saving you 10%.

What can happen if I don't clean my Gutters?

  •  Gutters & Downspouts are blocked with debris, not allowing water to drain properly
  • Water in the system can cause heavy ice to form, also allowing mosquitoes to spawn in summer
  • Water will begin to overflow over the gutters causing erosion below, or deteriorate sealant on corners
  • Puddles & soil erosion around the home can cause water damage to siding and flooring 
  •  Debris left in your gutter system for too long can cause unwanted plants to sprout from the gutters
  • Steel gutters will eventually rust with standing water, causing holes to form in the whole system

Technicians always provide Property Clean-up

"Hired High Point to do a roof blow off, moss treatment, and clean out the gutters. Overall did an excellent job, on time and friendly/communicative. The first team accidentally missed a clogged gutter but one phone call and they had another person come out within a few days to take care of it. Will do business with them again!"
Glen Park
Verified Customer

Spring & Fall Gutter Cleaning

Our team of trained professionals will take their time to efficiently clean your home. With years of experience, our teams are trained on how to properly clean your roof and gutters, and will provide you with a complimentary grounds clean up. Compared to our High Point Gutter specializes in manual gutter cleaning which prevents any drainage clogs and our crews will provide a full evaluation of the current system on your home to make sure everything is functioning properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions we get asked on a regular basis here at High Point Gutter headquarters.

Click here at our Book Online and select the checkbox Annual Maintenance Program. Our representative will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss services, and reservations.

Whether you hire a professional or take on the task yourself, your gutters should be cleaned at least twice a year, ideally in early spring and early fall. Cleaning out your gutters in early spring will prepare them for the heavy rains that are common during this season.

You do not need to pay upfront for our Annual Maintenance Program. You will be charged after each visit is completed, and receive a complimentary discount for being a part of our loyalty program.

A representative will contact you about 2 weeks prior to your reservation to make sure the date is still compatible with your schedule. If not, you may notify us and we can reschedule the appointment at your convenience.