Seamless gutter in front of a water tank in Snohomish or King County

What are Seamless Gutters?

If your Washington home needs new gutters, it’s important to understand the latest replacement options. One of your first decisions is whether to install traditional sectioned gutters or modern seamless gutters. Learn the difference between the two so you can make the right decision.

What are Sectioned Gutters?

As the name implies, sectioned gutters come in pieces, which are fitted together to run around the roof’s perimeter. A hacksaw can shorten pieces as needed. Joints are sealed to prevent leaks, but the sealant only lasts one to five years, so frequent patching and resealing are required.

What are Seamless Gutters?

This option has gained recognition in recent years and is now the most popular gutter configuration available. Seamless gutters are manufactured from a single piece of material. The proper lengths are extruded onsite with a special machine and lifted into place. This process requires installation by a qualified professional.

Seamless rain gutters actually still have a few joints at the corners and downspout outlets. Fortunately, these can be soldered during installation, eliminating the need to reapply sealant over time.

What are the Benefits of Seamless Gutters?

  • Low maintenance: With minimal joints to trap debris, seamless gutters are less prone to clogs, so you may not have to clean them as often. Installing gutter guards reduces the chance of blockages even more.
  • Fewer leaks: While not entirely leak-proof, seamless gutters are less likely to develop this problem than sectioned gutters.
  • Longer lifespan: Since joints are a gutter’s weak points, a seamless configuration rarely sags or pulls away from the house. This helps the installation easily last 20 years or more.
  • Increased curb appeal: The smooth finish of seamless gutters gives your home an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

What are the Downsides of Seamless Gutters?

  • Higher upfront cost: The extra labor required to custom-fit seamless gutters makes them more costly upfront. However, the longer lifespan and lower maintenance requirements help the investment pay for itself.
  • Professional installation required: While sectioned gutters can be DIY installed with the proper safety equipment and know-how, you can’t avoid the requirement to professionally install seamless gutters.
  • Repairs or replacements involve the entire gutter: With seamless gutters, it’s impossible to isolate a single section for repairs or replacement, creating more expense and hassle when these services are required.

Design Considerations

For the best results, select a proper gutter size, shape, and material for your needs. Gutter troughs should be large enough to accommodate the water flowing from your roof without being overly large. As for gutter materials, aluminum is the most popular choice because it’s durable, reasonably priced, and rust-resistant. A professional can explain your options and help you make the right decision.

For a long-lasting, low-maintenance gutter system, turn to High Point Gutter. We offer seamless gutter installation in Snohomish and King Counties, using only the highest-quality gutters in a wide range of styles and options to suit your building’s needs. Rest assured that every member of our gutter installation team receives hands-on training before performing fieldwork. To request a seamless gutter installation estimate, please call us at (425) 449-6622 or contact us online.