A downspout hangs above a drainage system on a Woodinville, WA home.

What is an underground drainage system and why is it important to keep it clear?

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What Is an Underground Drainage System?

Sometimes, during heavy rainstorms, efficient gutters aren’t enough. While they may collect the water from your roof and direct it away from your home, water-logged soil creates pools around your foundation or yard. One way to prevent puddles from occurring and to preserve your landscaping is to install an underground drainage system. An underground drainage system is an extension of your gutters. Rainwater is collected and redistributed through a series of underground pipes strategically placed to provide even water distribution away from your home. They can help alleviate minor flooding in King County and Snohomish County homes. If you’re concerned about protecting your basement or crawl space, consider hiring a professional to design and install a drainage system that’s right for your home.

Which Type of Drainage System Is Right for Me?

Protecting your home from Mother Nature is difficult, especially during intense rainstorms. However, choosing the proper drainage system to collect and redirect water provides the best chance of preventing basement flooding. Whether you have a finished basement or a crawlspace, flooding in those areas can lead to hundreds of dollars in damage to your home and mold growth, which can cause illness in family members. Numerous types of underground drainage systems are available depending on your specific situation. Learn more about which one may be right for your home:

  • Surface Drainage System – A surface drainage system is designed to remove excess water from your landscape to prevent waterlogging and flooding. It uses a series of ditches, slopes, and channels, allowing the water to exit safely at a storm drain or sewer system. This type of drainage system uses the grading of your yard to guide water toward the system’s entryways.
  • Subsurface Drainage System – A subsurface drainage system is also known as a French drain. It’s designed to prevent issues such as water logging, oversaturation, and basement flooding, collecting excess water and redirecting it away from the area. As the name suggests, the water is transported by underground PVC pipes. It’s ideal for homes on high water tables or heavy clay soil.
  • Downspout and Gutter Systems – A downspout and gutter system collects water from your home’s roof and distributes it safely away from the house. Unlike typical gutter systems, the water is deposited into an aluminum extension, rain barrel, or underground pipe and carried further away from the foundation.

If you’re unsure which underground drainage system is right for your home, that’s okay! An experienced professional can come to your home, assess the water issue, and recommend the right underground drainage solutions for you.

What Are the Benefits of an Underground Drainage System?

Proper underground drainage system installation and routine maintenance, including drain clearing, is essential for protecting your home, property, and family. Ensure your drains are flowing properly so you receive maximum benefit from your underground drainage system. Learn more about the numerous benefits, including the following:

  • Protects Your Property – The guiding principle and most essential aspect of any underground drainage system is to protect your home. Even a tiny amount of water can lead to significant issues within your home, causing massive monetary damages in the hundreds or thousands. The proper drainage solution will be designed to alleviate any water issues.
  • Preserve Your Landscaping – Standing water and soil erosion can devastate your home’s yard and garden bed. Your underground drainage system can help prevent water pooling and flooding in your landscape by collecting water throughout the property and safely distributing it away from your yard or garden.
  • Better Sanitation – Prolonged standing water is a haven for certain pests, especially disease-carrying mosquitoes. Mosquitoes only need 1/4″ of water to lay their eggs. If you and your family enjoy spending time outdoors, eliminating standing water is essential for your health and comfort.  
  • Increased Property Value – Are you thinking of selling your home? Water issues are one of the leading reasons potential buyers don’t put in an offer for a home.Regardless of if you’ve ever had water in your basement, standing water around the home can make buyers hesitant about any problems they may not be able to see during the open house or inspection. An underground drainage system is crucial to maximize your home’s selling potential.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Underground drainage systems can be used to redirect water safely away from specific areas of your property. If you’re passionate about gardening, an underground system can be designed to distribute water to your garden beds or saved in a rain barrel for future use, drastically reducing your water bill.

What Are the Signs of a Clogged Underground Drainage System?

Depending on the amount of rain during any storm, your underground drainage system may be responsible for moving hundreds of gallons of rainwater. Routine maintenance and cleaning for your underground drainage system is essential to preventing water issues within your home. Knowing the warning signs and acting early can help preserve your home, landscape, and drainage system. Learn more about the warning signs that your underground draining system is clogged:

  • Gutter Leaking – When your underground water drainage system is clogged, it will prevent water from properly exiting your downspout. Instead, you may notice rainwater spilling out from the downspout seems.Correcting this problem immediately is crucial as it can lead to issues with your foundation.
  • Basement Water – Your underground water drainage system is mostly below the ground making it difficult to observe issues. However, basement water is a symptom of a clog you want to respond to immediately.Basement water, especially if you have a finished basement, can cause massive damage to your home if not dealt with quickly.
  • Standing Water – Clogs in the underground water drainage system allow water trapped in the underground PVC pipes to leak out, causing puddles to appear and leading to a soggy landscape.

What Are Ways to Protect My Underground System?

While routine maintenance from a skilled and experienced contractor is the easiest way to protect your underground drainage system, there are several steps you can take to ensure rainwater can flow away from your home easily. Learn more about some of these quick and easy solutions for protecting your home, landscape, and family, including:

  • Gutter Covers – Gutter covers are a comprehensive solution for preventing clogged gutters and underground drainage systems connected to them. Leaf guards are installed on top of your gutters, preventing leaves, sticks, and other debris from entering your gutters. Instead, they slide off the slope of your roof harmlessly. They can also be used to prevent pest nesting.
  • Downspout Filter – Downspout filters are an affordable, fast, and easy way to protect your drainage system. The filter can be installed at the entryway for the downspout and used to prevent twigs, pine needles, and leaves from entering the downspout and your underground drainage system. However, it does require routine gutter cleaning to prevent clogging. 
  • Clear Exit Point – Sometimes, leaves, sticks, and dirt will enter the drainage system, causing a backup. If possible, check to ensure your drainage system’s exit point is clear of debris. Unfortunately, the underground drainage system may not always be emptied in a location you can see. For those types of systems, calling a professional is recommended.

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Homeowners throughout King County and Snohomish County, WA trust High Point Gutter for comprehensive gutter repair and replacement. Our insured, bonded, and fully licensed team of experts is committed to protecting your home from the damaging effects of water. Every year, rainwater and flooding cost homeowners billions. Are you prepared for the next rainstorm? A well-planned and maintained underground drainage system is essential to your home’s water management solutions, especially for those with high water tables.