What are the Types of Commercial Gutters in Snohomish County and King County, WA

What are the Types of Commercial Gutters in Seattle, WA?

When it comes to diverting rainwater from a roof, large commercial buildings have more demanding requirements than single-family homes. For this reason, commercial gutters come in unique styles and larger sizes than residential gutters. Installations must also meet certain building and stormwater standards, depending on city or county requirements.

Commercial Gutter Styles

The two most popular commercial gutters are K-style and box gutters.

K-Style Commercial Gutters

This type of gutter has a K-like profile that looks similar to crown molding when viewed from the ground. K-style gutters are particularly popular for multifamily housing and light commercial applications. Here are some benefits to consider:

  • K-style gutters can handle a higher water volume than residential U-style gutters.
  • A seamless design minimizes the risk of leaks.
  • The decorative appearance provides a touch of elegance.
  • Various sizes, colors, and materials are available to match the building’s exterior.

Box Gutters

Commercial box gutters get their name from the square shape of the water channel. They are commonly built into the roof line or overhang to blend in with the façade. Rain flows from the roof into the box gutters, which channel the water toward the downspouts with the same box shape. Consider the advantages of commercial box gutters:

  • The simple shape and high water capacity make box gutters suitable for large structures.
  • Box gutters offer fast drainage and attractive curb appeal.
  • With proper maintenance, box gutters can last for decades.

Commercial Gutter Sizes

Most commercial buildings have a larger roof area than the average single-family home, so they need bigger gutters to divert runoff. As a result, commercial gutters typically start at 6 inches in diameter, compared to a home’s 4- or 5-inch gutters. Larger buildings may even require 7- or 8-inch box gutters to perform effectively.

Materials Used for Commercial Gutters

Durability is the top priority for commercial gutters. As a result, heavy-duty aluminum, 24-gauge galvanized steel, and copper are the most common materials. Vinyl gutters are rare in commercial settings. This lower-cost alternative is reserved for residential properties, though it has lost favor in recent years because of its relatively short lifespan.

Commercial Gutter Code Requirements

Due to the size of many commercial buildings, gutter systems are often covered under building regulations. Property owners may need to follow certain size, material, and installation requirements to keep the building up to code. Contact a licensed gutter company for advice if you’re not sure what type of commercial gutters to install.

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