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Since forming in 2016, High Point Gutter has built itself up as a company striving to exceed customer expectations and reinvent what a gutter company should be. Our goal is to offer the residents of Preston, WA, high-quality gutter services while focusing on the customer experience. Each of our highly trained technicians shares the company’s passion for customer service. When you hire us, we aim to reinforce the feeling that you made the right choice. Don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule your gutter repair, cleaning, or installation today.

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Preston, WA Gutter Installation

If you’re looking to replace or install new seamless gutters in your home, you can trust the professionals at High Point Gutter. Before we start any job, our technicians will measure the exact length and install your new gutters with the correct fasteners and hangers to ensure long-lasting service without sacrificing performance. Each rain gutter we install or replace comes with a trustworthy 10-year installation and a 20-year manufacturer warranty. Here are the gutters we routinely install:

  • 5k Gutter – Our most popular model.
  • 6k Gutter – This style is known to handle large volumes of water.
  • Fascia Gutter – A modern look for your home.
  • .032 Aluminum Gutter – The heavier-duty aluminum gutter is more durable.
  • Color Sheets – Our customers have access to over 40 different colors.
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Keep Your Gutters Safe with Our Gutter Repair Services

When you’re outdoors and notice your gutters are starting to leak, sag, or lean away from your home, it’s time to give High Point Gutter a call. After our experts evaluate your rain gutters, we will provide recommendations on repairs while offering excellent service to get your gutters quickly and efficiently to like-new quality. When your gutters work as intended, you reduce the possibility of water or foundation damage. Be sure to take advantage of the gutter repair services we offer:

  • Leaking at Corners or Downspouts
  • Sagging Gutters
  • Overflowing Gutters
  • Detaching
  • Corrosion and Rust
  • Soil Erosion
  • Rotten Fascia
  • Dents and Damage
  • Improper Alignment

Avoid Headaches with Routine Gutter Cleanings

Routinely cleaning your gutters is a messy and undesirable job. Let our technicians, who are specialized in manual gutter cleanings, take care of that for you. Our gutter cleaning services are designed to prevent and remove drainage clogs, providing each customer with a complete evaluation of their drainage system and highlighting any areas of concern. Be sure to ask about how our team can help you remove loose debris from your roof while we clean your gutter. We recommend that each customer take advantage of our gutter maintenance program, which allows you to remain up-to-date with cleanings, even when your calendar is full. The goal of the program is to reduce the stress of home maintenance.

Annual gutter maintenance for roofs
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Keep the Water Flowing with Outdoor Drain Covers

Regardless of your cleaning habits, your downspouts or underground drains can eventually become clogged with leaves, sticks, animal nests, or other debris. Depending on the size of your home, your downspout can be anywhere from 10 to 30 feet in length. Without a proper drain cover, a blockage can happen at any point in your downspout, leading to blocked water flow or damage to your gutter system or home. The team at High Point Gutter can install outdoor drain covers to help stop blockages and complications from happening.

We Prevent Moss Growing in Your Rain Gutters

We’re proud to be able to offer two different moss treatment services to our guests. We’ll recommend both during any routine gutter cleanings. Still, these services are designed to eliminate any moss from your rain gutters completely. Not removing moss can lead to a leaky and damaged roof and sometimes lead to the need for a total roof replacement. Our technicians will manually remove moss from your roof, which is most effective when combined with our moss control service. During a moss control appointment, one of our team members will apply zinc sulfate mono-hydrate powder, removing any remnants without damaging your roof.

Gutter Maintenance Programs
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Reliable Gutter Guards

Living in Washington means dealing with the leaves, pine needles, animal nests, and pests that get into your gutter and lead to clogged or blocked water flows. We’re happy to offer our guests several ways to help prevent blockages and structural damage while ensuring your gutters work as optimally as possible. The gutter guards we offer are designed to keep the water flowing with the added benefit of requiring less maintenance. Here is an over of the gutter guards we offer:

  • Leaf Exterminator – Designed to help protect your gutters from leaf buildup.
  • Leaf Relief Hanger Combo – This design is recommended for industrial builds, metal roofing, and locations with much debris.
  • Drainage Guards – These filters can be installed to help remove debris from your rain gutters.

Experts in Commercial Gutters

Picking the right gutter company for your business is vital. Our team understands that, and that’s why we’ve strived to build and foster close working relationships with commercial properties and companies throughout Preston, WA. Our commercial gutter technicians have years of experience repairing, installing, replacing, and maintaining all gutters and models. Each of our installation services is backed with a 10-year installations warranty and a 20-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Commercial Gutters near Seattle, WA

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Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, the team at High Point Gutter has the skills and experience needed to handle each job correctly the first time as quickly and efficiently as possible. We also believe that finances shouldn’t be a barrier to excellent service, and that’s why we offer financing options through Wisetack, which gives multiple financial options to our customers without breaking the bank. If you have any questions regarding our services or are ready to schedule an appointment, give us a call or take advantage of the form on our contact page.

For questions about our services in the Preston area, do not hesitate to give us a call at High Point Gutter, your local gutter company in Preston, WA. We are easy to reach at (425) 671-3596 to schedule an appointment or discuss your service requirements.