A gutter specialist cleans debris out of a gutter system in Woodinville, WA.

Why Should I Take Care of My Gutter System?

Local Gutter System Maintenance Professionals

Rainwater and snow can cause significant damage to your home. On average, King County, WA receives about 46 inches of precipitation per year, so proper gutter system care is essential. High Point Gutter provides comprehensive gutter cleaning and maintenance services to homes throughout King County and Snohomish County, WA. Water is one of the most destructive forces in nature, and your gutters are designed to redirect it away from your property safely. Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t pay much attention to their gutter system until water spills into their basement or their surrounding garden beds are ruined. Understanding how your gutters are designed to provide comprehensive protection for your home can prevent these and other issues.

Protects Your Beautiful Landscaping

You spend hours maintaining the garden beds around your home to create a pleasant curb appeal. Clogged or damaged gutters allow water to spill uncontrollably over the edges instead of safely through the downspout, destroying the landscaping below. Over time, the water runoff can lead to soil erosion. Excess water can also cause plants, shrubs, and trees to drown and oversaturate your lawn, promoting moss and weed growth. Routine gutter maintenance ensures the preservation of the landscaped areas around your home, which helps to maintain both the aesthetic appeal and ecological benefits.

Reduces Risk of Basement Flooding

One of the most critical aspects of your home’s gutter system is how it’s designed to protect your property’s foundation. When your gutters are functioning correctly, they collect hundreds of gallons of rainwater from your roof and direct it towards the downspout and away from the foundation of your home. However, when gutters are clogged, damaged, or aren’t flowing properly, it can cause water to pool around your home’s foundation, allowing it to seep into the basement and cause flooding. Whether your basement is finished or not, water can lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of structural damage. Flooding can also contribute to the proliferation of mold and mildew growth, creating significant health issues for your family. A well-maintained gutter system is essential for maintaining the structural integrity of your home and preventing costly repairs.

Preserves Your Foundation

Your gutters are a critical structural element of your home. As strong as it may be, water can contribute to the deterioration of your foundations in numerous ways. Damaged and clogged gutters allow water to cascade over the edge and pool around your home’s foundation. Over time, the accumulation can lead to soil erosion and destabilization in the ground, causing your foundation to shift and crack. The heat and thaw cycle during the winter months can also accelerate damage to your foundation. When water seeps into the foundation cracks and freezes, the water expands, causing the cracks to become more prominent. Gutters help to prevent the area around your home’s foundation from becoming over-saturated while minimizing foundation damage.

Enhances Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Clogged gutters not only lead to significant structural and water issues with your home but can also dramatically detract from its curb appeal. Clogged gutters provide a perfect environment for animals to nest and vegetation to grow, contributing to an unkempt look. Additionally, debris accumulation can lead to rusting, discoloration, and gutters sagging. When left unchecked, clogged gutters can also contribute to damage to your home’s siding and roof and destroy your landscaping. If you’re considering selling your home within the next few years, repairing, replacing, or cleaning your gutters is essential. Don’t let neglected gutters be the reason prospective buyers walk away from your property without putting in an offer.

Keeps Uninvited Guests Away

Squirrels, birds, and insects love nesting in wet and warm areas. If your gutters are clogged, it’s the perfect place for them to call home. Pests nesting in your gutters can lead to significant issues for your home and family. Not only will certain pests attempt to build their nest, leading to more extensive gutter clogging issues, but they can also put you and your family in danger. Some pests carry diseases that can be transmitted through bites, scratches, or droppings. They can also cause structural damage to your home. They may burrow through the fascia to expand their nest into your home as they become more comfortable. Maintaining your gutters is not only about maintaining the structure of your home but also about safeguarding your family’s health. 

Protects Your Home’s Siding

One of the most common signs that your home’s gutters aren’t working efficiently is excessive dirt buildup alongside your home’s siding. As water spills over the side of clogged or damaged gutters, it travels along your home’s siding, leaving behind a trail of debris. The buildup can significantly impact the appearance over weeks, months, and years. The continuous flow of water can also lead to mold and mildew growth on the exterior of your siding and behind it. Not only that, but the relentless exposure to moisture can also cause your home’s vinyl, wood, or stone siding to begin to rot. The rot can expand, causing damage to the lumber used for construction. Prevent expensive siding repair and replacement services with proper gutter maintenance.

Avoid Roof and Fascia Damage

Gutters are designed to collect rainwater and melted snow runoff from your home’s roof. But what happens when your gutters are clogged or damaged? If water can’t efficiently run off, it can pool on your roof and wear away at your shingles. An increased weight due to stagnant water will also cause your gutter to pull away from your fascia, exposing the wood beneath to mold, moisture, and pests. In colder areas, such as King County, WA, standing water in the gutters can freeze and form ice dams, which prevent proper drainage and can force water back up under the shingles, causing leaks, water damage, and possible structural issues to the roof. Routine maintenance and gutter cleaning are essential to prevent significant issues to your home’s roof and fascia.

What Are the Signs I Require Gutter Maintenance?

As a homeowner, it’s essential to maintain your gutters to protect your property and family. However, if you don’t have the right experience or equipment, climbing a ladder to inspect your gutters can be time-consuming and dangerous. Luckily, there are numerous telltale signs your home’s gutter needs repair. The next time you bring the dog out, BBQ, shovel the driveway, or play outdoors with your children, inspect your home for the following signs your gutters may need repair or cleaning:

  • Clogged Downspouts – One of the easiest ways to determine if your downspout is clogged is to inspect each one during a rainstorm. If you don’t observe any water pouring out of the exit drain, it could mean your gutters are improperly installed or clogged. You may also have debris such as leaves, dirt, and sticks trapped in the downspout.
  • Water Pooling – When your gutters are clogged or sagging, it can cause water to spill over the side and pool on the ground below. During or after the next rainstorm, take a walk around your yard and inspect the landscaping directly below your gutters. If you notice pools of water or soil erosion, it may mean your gutter system isn’t working correctly.
  • Sagging Gutters – Sagging gutters are one of the most notable signs your gutter system needs repair or replacement. Gutters are strategically designed to have a natural slope to allow water to drain from one end. However, improper gradient and debris can cause water to pool in a specific area. As the water accumulates, you may end up with sagging gutters. 
  • Plant Growth – Dirt, leaves, and sticks can accumulate over time, providing the necessary conditions for plant growth. Whether you have a weed growing from your gutters or a sapling beginning to sprout, clearing your gutters is essential. Plants will continue to proliferate, creating added stress on your gutters. If they aren’t already sagging, you will notice issues shortly afterward.
  • Overflowing Gutters – Overflowing gutters can be caused by numerous obstacles trapped in your gutter system, including debris, nests, or improper installation. Overflowing gutters may not seem like a big deal, but water accumulation can lead to numerous issues over time.
  • Overdue Cleaning – When was the last time you cleaned your gutters? Most gutters require cleaning at least once per season, depending on the location of their home’s proximity to nearby trees. Whether you have the knowledge, tools, and experience to clean it yourself or need to hire a trusted professional, removing twigs and pine needles will ensure your gutter’s flow.

Don’t Let Faulty Gutters Damage Your Home

High Point Gutter provides comprehensive gutter system services in Snohomish County and King County, WA. As an insured, fully licensed, and bonded company, our team is dedicated to ensuring our customers receive the very best service. Your home’s gutters are an essential system designed specifically to protect your home. Routine gutter inspection and maintenance allow our team to identify and repair issues with your gutters before they lead to more dramatic and costly issues, such as basement flooding, roof damage, and pest infestations. If it’s been over a year since your last gutter services, contact our knowledgeable and experienced team today to schedule your next appointment.