gutters on a metal roof in king or snohomish counties

Which Gutters Are Best for a Metal Roof?

Residential metal roofs aren’t as common as asphalt shingles and other materials, but they’re growing in popularity thanks to their durability and long lifespan. When installing gutters on your metal roof, you may wonder which style and size you need, or whether gutters are even necessary in the first place. Learn the answers to your questions to help you choose the best gutters for your metal roof.

Why are Gutters Necessary?

Gutters and downspouts are essential for any roofing system because they help protect the building’s foundation and surrounding landscape from water damage caused by runoff. Gutters collect rainwater from the roof, channel it toward the downspout, and deposit it away from the structure, preventing siding damage, basement leaks, cracked foundation walls, soil erosion, and structural instability.

Will Gutters Work with a Metal Roof?

Yes, gutters can work with metal roofing, but you may face some challenges during installation. For instance:

  • Gutters can be difficult to attach to a metal roof. To overcome this problem, gutter companies use special hangers and clips to ensure the gutters stay firmly in place.
  • Snow and ice often slide off the slick metal surface, straining the gutter system when an avalanche of heavy snow plows into it. To prevent your gutters from getting ripped off, you may need to install snow guards on your metal roof.
  • Metal roofing expands and contracts in extreme temperatures, which can cause the gutters to shift and become misaligned. To avoid this issue, choose high-quality gutter materials that can withstand the rigors of expansion and contraction.

Do Metal Roofs Need Special Gutters?

While metal roofs don’t necessarily require special gutters, some work better than others. Two popular gutter types for metal roofs are half-round and K-style.

Half-round gutters are often made of copper or aluminum and have a rounded shape that complements the smooth lines of a metal roof. They are an excellent choice for homes with traditional or historic architecture, adding a classic touch to the overall aesthetic.

K-style gutters are more angular and modern in appearance. They are typically made of aluminum or steel and come in several colors. K-style gutters are popular for homes with contemporary or transitional architecture.

What Size Gutters are Recommended for a Metal Roof?

The size of gutters you need depends on the pitch and surface area of your metal roof, along with the average rainfall in your region. In general, 6K gutters are recommended for metal roofs in rainy Washington State, especially if the roof has a steep pitch and lots of surrounding trees. For help choosing the appropriate gutter size and style for your metal roof, consult with the gutter specialists at High Point Gutter. We love what we do, and we’re proud of our work! Our team can install, replace, repair, and clean any residential or commercial gutter system in Snohomish or King County. Our technicians receive specific training to complete each project with care and quality in mind. To request a gutter service estimate, please call us at (425) 449-6622 or contact us online today.