How to clean commercial gutters in Snohomish and King Counties

How to clean commercial gutters

Gutters are an essential part of your commercial building’s roofing system. They are designed to channel rainwater away from the foundation and walls, thus preventing deterioration. Due to the extensive size and complicated design of commercial buildings, commercial gutters are often more prone to clogs than residential gutters. Neglecting to maintain commercial gutters can have severe consequences, so the importance of commercial gutter cleaning can’t be overstated.

Is Commercial Gutter Cleaning Worthwhile?

It’s easy to forget about your gutters but left unattended, they can cause significant damage to your commercial building’s structure and landscape. Here are a few examples of the damage that can occur if you skip commercial gutter cleaning:

  • Mold growth, rotting wood, and other structural issues
  • Standing water on the roof, leading to attic and wall leaks
  • Increased presence of pests on your property
  • Overflowing gutters that erode the landscape and make surrounding sidewalks unsafe
  • Potential foundation damage and flooding

Benefits of Cleaning Commercial Gutters

Routine commercial gutter maintenance is an investment that provides business owners with several benefits:

  • Prevent water damage: When gutters become clogged, water overflows onto the roof and down the siding. On the other hand, clean gutters ensure proper flow, preventing water from backing up and damaging the building’s structure.
  • Eliminate pest nesting: Debris buildup provides the perfect nesting environment for birds, rodents, and insects. Regular cleaning removes debris and discourages pests from nesting in the gutters, reducing the risk of infestation.
  • Protect the landscape: The water overflowing from clogged gutters erodes soil and damages plants. With regular cleaning, gutters guide runoff to the preferred drainage location, preserving the health and appearance of your landscape.
  • Increase your gutters’ lifespan: While neglected gutters often fail prematurely, regular cleaning removes heavy debris, prevents corrosion, and attends to small problems early, extending the life of your gutters and reducing the need for costly repairs.

When to Clean Commercial Gutters

To maximize the benefits of commercial gutter maintenance, you must clean them at the proper times. Follow these guidelines:

  • Every spring and fall: These are the ideal times for commercial gutter cleaning because debris from trees and other plants accumulates most heavily in these seasons.
  • After a storm: Heavy rain and wind deposit debris into the gutters, so cleaning them after a storm is advisable to ensure proper functionality.
  • Before selling the property: Clean gutters improve curb appeal and reassure potential buyers that the property is well-maintained.
  • Before taking an extended leave of absence: If you’re going out of town for a while, it’s wise to have your gutters cleaned first.

Commercial gutter cleaning is clearly an important part of protecting your building’s structure and landscape. Turn to High Point Gutter for the services you need. We love what we do, and we’re proud of our work! Our thorough commercial gutter cleaning services include hand-removing all debris from the gutters and downspouts. We even tidy up the landscaping and dispose of all debris back at our shop, leaving your property clean and beautiful. To request commercial gutter cleaning in Snohomish or King County, please call us at (425) 449-6622 or contact us online today.