Effective gutter covers in Snohomish or King County

How Effective are Gutter Covers and Gutter Guards?

Gutter cleaning is a dirty, time-consuming, and downright dangerous chore, yet keeping your gutters clear is a necessary home maintenance task. After all, clogged gutters force rainwater over the sides, causing foundation damage, soil erosion, unsightly water streaks, and other problems. While you can always schedule professional gutter cleaning to avoid doing this task yourself, there’s another option—install gutter covers as a preventative way to keep leaves out of the gutters.

What are Gutter Covers and Gutter Guards?

These products aim to filter out debris while still allowing water to flow into the gutter and out the downspout. The purpose is to prevent clogged gutters and reduce the amount of cleaning and maintenance homeowners must perform.

Leaf guards for gutters come in many forms, and some are more effective than others. At High Point Gutter, we install two state-of-the-art rain gutter protection systems on homes:

  • The Leaf Exterminator can be added to your existing gutters, making it our most popular product. The unique micro-pore filtration system filters out debris of all sizes while handling even the heaviest rainfall.
  • T-Rex Continuous Hanger is recommended for industrial buildings, homes with metal roofing, and locations with high debris accumulation. This gutter guard integrates with the gutters themselves, strengthening them from front to back and end to end. It’s the perfect solution for preventing clogs in your replacement gutters from day one.
  • Drainage Guards filter debris and can be removed to dump out the debris they catch.
  • The DoublePro Continuous Hanger makes your rain gutters stronger, and it supports the weight of snow, ice, and ladders. It keeps snow out of gutters, eliminating the risk of warping due to freezing and thawing.
  • REAL Gutter Covers by Raytec are easily notched and formed in the field for a tight, custom fit over your gutters to deter pests.
  • Ball Strainers are used to prevent debris from entering downspouts.

Do Gutter Covers and Gutter Guards Actually Work?

There’s no question that you should keep your gutters clear, either by cleaning them regularly or installing gutter guards. Rest assured that our gutter covers prevent most leaves and debris from entering your gutters, cutting back on cleaning requirements while delivering these additional benefits:

  • Protect the foundation: Clean gutters prevent water from flowing over the sides, pooling around the foundation, and potentially flooding the basement.
  • Safeguard your roof: Free-flowing gutters stop water from lingering on the roof. This reduces mold and algae growth on your shingles and prevents ice dams in the winter.
  • Maintain curb appeal: Gutter guards are invisible from the ground. Plus, they prevent unsightly water streaks on the siding that can occur if your gutters clog and overflow.
  • Boost property value: High-quality gutter guards installed properly can increase the value of your home.
  • Retain a beautiful landscape: Erosion is all too common in homes with clogged gutters. A gutter guard system helps rainwater drain properly to preserve your landscape.
  • Deter pests: With gutter covers, you eliminate debris buildup and standing water, making your home less attractive to mosquitoes, rats, birds, and other pests.

If you’re tired of cleaning your gutters twice a year, save time, money, and hassle with one of High Point Gutter’s premium gutter cover and gutter guard systems. Our products are backed by a 25-year clog-free manufacturer warranty for your peace of mind. To learn more, or for help choosing the right gutter covers for your needs, please call us at (425) 449-6622 or contact us online. Our gutter specialists have served Snohomish and King Counties since 2016.