Newcastle, WA Gutter Services

High Point Gutter offers full gutter service to customers in Newcastle, WA. We have served the coal mining community with client-focused service since 2016. Your gutter system protects the foundations of your property. We prioritize hiring gutter specialists with years of experience to ensure the best service possible. Our services include gutter replacement, gutter covering, and cleaning. Contact us today for evaluation and installation.

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Newcastle, WA Gutter Replacement

If you are looking into gutter replacement, we offer a variety of styles. We keep a broad inventory to match your home's exterior the way you desire. When you're ready for service, our gutter specialists assess for proper dimensions. We offer a 20-year manufacturer warranty and a 10-year install warranty. Options to choose for gutters include the following:


  • 5K gutter
  • 6K gutter
  • Fascia gutter
  • .032 aluminum gutter
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When Is Gutter Repair Essential?

It's normal for nature to cause wear and tear on your gutter system. It could be time for gutter repair when you notice your rain gutters are deteriorating. We'll come to evaluate your system and recommend what should be serviced. Gutter repair is essential if you see the following:

  • Leaking
  • Sagging gutters
  • Overflowing gutters
  • Detaching
  • Corrosion and rust
  • Soil erosion
  • Rotten fascia
  • Dents and damage
  • Improper alignment

How Does Gutter Cleaning Extend Your Gutter's Lifespan?

Our High Point Gutter professionals are trained and skilled to clean your gutters. We thoroughly inspect your gutter system to ensure we service all necessary aspects. Your gutter specialist will clean the gutters by hand to guarantee a thorough job. When we finish our work, we will clean up all debris on the grounds of your property. We will offer information about our annual maintenance program if you're interested. It's a way to schedule your appointments in advance to save an extra step.

Annual gutter maintenance for roofs
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What Is a Downspout Drainage Box?

It's essential to install drain covers to prevent blockages in your gutter's drainage system. With the amount of rain that pours in Washington state, debris can quickly build up in rain gutters. High Point Gutter can install a downspout drainage box that filters dirt, leaves, branches, and more. This filtration system requires minimal maintenance. The filter is easy to access for cleaning when needed. Drain covers save on time and cost for unwanted gutter repairs.

What Is Included in Our Roof Moss Treatment Services?

Our gutter specialists are equipped for roof moss treatment services. We apply a powder to your roof that is based with zinc sulfate monohydrate. It attacks and kills any active moss and protects against future growth. Zinc sulfate works without staining your roof or harming any aluminum and galvanized gutters.

Gutter Maintenance Programs
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Why are Gutter Guards Worth Your Investment?

Rain gutters can clog from tree limbs, leaves, and environmental factors. We offer installation services for leaf exterminators and leaf relief hangers. These systems serve as gutter guards and are great to invest in. Rain gutters can damage and deteriorate when debris collects in your system. Gutter guards will help prevent deterioration while saving you time and money on maintenance and cleanings.

Worry Free Commercial Gutter Services

Our gutter specialists can install and repair commercial gutters. We guarantee a stress-free work environment by maintaining your building's system. High Point Gutter offers an annual maintenance program to stay on top of your regular gutter service. Our professionals know your time is essential to you, so we value treating your gutters with the least hassle possible.

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High Point Gutter prioritizes offering positive service to meet your specific needs. Our team specializes in treating any gutter situation, no matter if it's big or small. We complete your service efficiently and quickly, so your gutters function how they're made. Contact us today for an appointment.

For questions about our services in the Newcastle area, do not hesitate to give us a call at High Point Gutter, your local gutter company in Newcastle, WA. We are easy to reach at (425) 671-3596 to schedule an appointment or discuss your service requirements.